Dubai Investments is a publicly listed UAE based multi-asset investment Group, managing a diverse portfolio of businesses, generating sustainable financial returns to its shareholders. 

Established in 1995, Dubai Investments is one of the leading investments Group in the UAE, initiating new businesses and partnering with dynamic entities, creating strategic investment opportunities across the region. With more than 15,000 shareholders, a paid-up capital of AED 4.25 billion and total assets worth more than AED 20 billion, the Group applies insight and experience to expand and be a reliable growth driver for businesses within sectors like real estate, building materials, construction & contracting, financial services, healthcare and education among others. The Group's diverse portfolio consists of over 30+ wholly and partly owned companies. Dubai Investments’ interest and investments reflect the Company’s continued focus on business diversification to drive growth in line with evolving industry trends.

Focussed on leveraging strengths with an interest in establishing existing and new business opportunities with a long-term, strategic and creative approach and with an emphasis on sustainable returns and capital growth, Dubai Investments collaborates on investment strategies meeting the changing needs of the economy and the societies in which it operates.  Complementing the strategic objectives and creating value for stakeholders, the Group pursues growth through mergers and acquisitions and business expansions.


To contribute to the development of the UAE economy through successful business partnerships and identifying the right synergies with strategic businesses and industries across sectors to achieve high returns and sustainable growth.


To become a partner of choice for business, offering unmatched growth potential.


> Partnership > Accountability > Integrity


Dubai Investments Industries LLC [DII], a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dubai Investments PJSC, targets both new and established sectors with a strong commitment to boost business growth and diversification across the UAE and regional markets.

As part of its growth strategy, Dubai Investments Industries seeks partnerships across the entire spectrum of its operations. The company’s two-fold strategy includes investments to improve profitability of its existing portfolio, while actively investing in new Greenfield projects.

In the last decade, DII has grown its presence across a variety of sectors including manufacturing of diverse utilities & construction materials, pharmaceuticals, besides investing in Information Technology solutions, education and healthcare among others.

Message from the General Manager

Dubai Investments Industries has come a long over the years – reinforcing its growth with a sustained vision aimed at diversifying its portfolio across new business sectors.
This growth of Dubai Investments Industries has not only catapulted Dubai Investments as a diversified, international conglomerate but also strengthened Dubai and UAE’s vision to become a preferred partner for industrial and business expansion.
Now, the company is on the threshold of a major growth curve, with plans to foray into newer sectors, newer businesses and newer markets. Dubai Investments Industries is targeting long-term growth by selecting sectors and markets where it sees itself playing a distinctive role, now as well as in the future.
Dubai Investments Industries will continue its expansion in the UAE and around the region by enabling investments opportunities,sharing knowledge, eyeing strategic partnerships, improving competitiveness and unlocking new areas of growth.
Dubai Investments Industries certainly has a bigger role to play in this sphere in the years to come.

Mohammed Saeed Al Raqbani
General manager of Dubai Investments Industries

Investment Strategy

Dubai Investments Industries LLC seeks strategic partners across a wide array of business sectors as also the spectrum of its operations to boost industrial growth and business diversification, while adopting an ongoing responsibility to look after existing companies and Greenfield projects.

With Dubai Investments Industries expertise and leadership, partner-companies can improve competitiveness, gain resources for development and expansion, and critical business skills can be injected. In today’s competitive business landscape, DII offers its subsidiaries networking, knowledge sharing opportunities and the ability to build synergies with other companies in the group.

Dubai Investments Industries has not only helped the growth of the companies and the Dubai Investments group portfolio, but also shaped the UAE’s vision, as a whole. The company routinely monitors the local and global markets to study the demand for new products and invest in them.


DII has played a significant role in the last decade, contributing to:

1. Laying the foundations of economic diversification through investments across sectors
2. Supporting the industrial growth
3. Contribution to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product

Thus, Dubai Investments Industries has helped mitigate the impact of global uncertainties on the national economy, as well as to maintain a productive role, and diversify sources of income and expand the society’s economic base by providing fixed and permanent employment opportunities in the industrial sector.