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Dubai Cranes & Technical Services LLC

Dubai Cranes & Technical Services, founded in 2006, is one of the region’s leading manufacturers of overhead material handling equipment and specialises in advanced lifting solutions and maintenance services. The company manufactures and delivers a comprehensive range of technologically advanced overhead material handling equipment – including wire rope hoists, industrial cranes and explosion-proof cranes – used in almost all industries.

The company offers a portfolio of overhead lifting solutions, including wire rope hoists, industrial and explosion-proof cranes, offering a maximum lifting capacity of up to 300 tonnes. The company is comprised of a team of personnel with more than 50 years of experience, together delivering more than 1,500 cranes to the region and working on many of the UAE’s leading real estate development projects. Dubai Cranes powered by Street Crane UK, who has more than 60 years’ are specialized in crane design.

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Dubai Cranes & Technical Services
PO Box 113744, Dubai, UAE

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